We steer together
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We steer together.

  • We encourage our employees to have a say in the DIRECTION the company should go.
  • We have an OPEN DOOR policy.
  • We want our employees to SPEAK their minds.
  • We are TEAM players, and autonomous thinkers.
  • Everyone is SEEN and HEARD. All Opinions are important.
  • We respect and SUPPORT each other. We respect you.
Broaden horizons
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We broaden our horizons together.

  • We LEARN together.
  • We GROW together.
  • You TEACH me, I TEACH you.
  • We offer DEVELOPMENT opportunities to everyone.
  • We offer CROSS-TRAINING in the overseas location.
ICL Ride the Waves
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We ride the waves together.

  • We have FUN, during working hours and after.
  • Amazing OFFICE and AMENITIES where we work.
  • We have great EVENTS and TEAM BUILDING activities.
  • This is a WARM hearted, compassionate work environment.
  • Work-life HARMONY is a must.
ICL You Matter
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You matter.

  • It all comes down to YOU, our employee.
  • You're not a number. You're an INDIVIDUAL.
  • We embrace your DIVERSITY.
  • We HEAR YOU, we listen to you, we respect you.
  • We REWARD you and motivate you.
  • It's not just about what you can do for ICL, It's about what ICL can do FOR YOU.