Our Documentation Team will gladly assist you with your documentation needs.

We are committed to release your Bill of Lading within the first working day after sailing and in compliance with all international statutory, legal and business requirements.

ICL offers cross-platform EDI capabilities, comprehensive e-Services and e-mail to send, receive and process your shipping instructions.

Please find our EDI/ e-Services guide here.


Independent Container Line is compliant with US and EU Customs’ requirements and adheres to the 24hr manifest rules.

As such, we apply following documentation cut-off schedule:

Cargo moving over the port of:

Antwerp, Belgium - Electronic instructions, Monday 16:00 (prior to scheduled sailing Wednesday).  Regular instructions, Monday 12:00 (prior to scheduled sailing Wednesday).

Southampton, United Kingdom -  Electronic instructions, Wednesday 16:00 (same week prior to scheduled sailing Friday).  Regular instructions, Wednesday 12:00 (same week prior to scheduled sailing Friday).

Cork, Ireland - Electronic instructions, Thursday 16:00 (prior to scheduled sailing Saturday).  Regular instructions, Thursday 12:00 (prior to scheduled sailing Saturday).

Chester, Pennsylvania (US)  -  Shipping Instructions, Monday 14:00 (prior to scheduled sailing Wednesday) and Final DGD's, Friday 16:00 (week prior).  

Wilmington, North Carolina (US)  -  Shipping Instructions, Wednesday 14:00 (prior to scheduled sailing Friday) and Final DGD's, Tuesday 16:00.


Leanne Sumner
Documentation Supervisor – Europe 
+44 151 363 3060



Useful Web Links: 

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