Reference Material

For your convenience, please find below links to forms and information that you may find helpful in fulfilling your shipping needs.

ICL Brochure     ::  ICL Group Brochure
B/L Instructions     ::  Bill-of-Lading Instructions
EDI/ E-Services Guide     ::  ICL E-Service Shipping Instruction User Guide
Booking Template - Antwerp     ::  Booking Template for Antwerp shipments
Booking Template - UK     ::  Booking template for UK shipments
Booking Template - United States     ::  Booking Template for United States shipments
Carrier Indemnity Agreement     ::  Carrier Indemnity Agreement
Container Packing Certificate     ::  Container Packing Certificate
C-TPAT Certificate     ::  C-TPAT Certification.  SVI# indSEA00962
Dangerous Goods Note     ::  Dangerous Goods Note
Demurrage & Detention Policy (US)     ::  Demurrage and Detention Policy (US)
Demurrage & Detention Tariff Rules (US)     ::  Demurrage and Detention Tariff Rules (US)
Dock Receipt     ::  Dock Receipt
Letter of Authorization (US entities)     ::  Letter of Authorization for US entities
Letter of Authorization (non-US entities)     ::  Letter of Authorization for non-US entities
Letter of Indemnity     ::  Letter of Indemnity
UK Customs Entry Instructions     ::  New export system instructions specific to the UK
Sailing Schedule     ::  Sailing Schedule as of March 29, 2023
Transparency in Coverage (Machine Readable Files MRF)     ::  Transparency in Coverage Rule (MRFs). ICL. Cigna